A true culture experience

If you want a true cultural experience is the best thing to use Couchsurfing – when locals show you their own place or city of living. I’m pretty sure they have the best insider tips for you. They tried lots of restaurants to find their own favorite and walked next to the attractions sometimes every day and know the best ankles to photograph it.

On the other hand site Couchsurfing is the best way to budget travel. Most of the couchsurfers host for free or small money. It’s friendly to bring some little presents or souvenirs – I love to bring „famous“ things from my home country or hometowns which they don’t know or have there, it’s a great thing for them to remember about you; German beer is always a good gift for guys.  Just to be sure you should be a respectful guest and respect their cultural differences; for example respect prayer hours of your Islamic hosts and everything should work.

Also a Couchsurfing account is free. Couchsurfing was founded as a social networking site in 2003 as a non-profit, but then was sold in 2011 to Couchsurfing International, Inc. As of 2013, there are over 5.5 million registered users on Couchsurfing – but it’s still free.

Couchsurfing isn’t just for sleeping on other peoples couches at their homes. There are also Couchsurfing meet-ups, where either you and your friends meet up and go out for sightseeing, parties and drinks or just dinner, etc. It’s perfect if you don’t want to sleep at others homes or you don’t want to host and share your couch but still want to meet new people with different coutures.

You don’t have to sleep on other peoples couches to use Couchsurfing!

My favorite Couchsurfing expierence

I couchsurfed with a friend in a suburb of Townsville at a single mans house. After a hole day sightseeing at a island – Magnetic Island – close to the town our host picked us up with his car when we came by the ferry – he cocked for us and we sat down on his huuuuge couch to watch a move and tell our expierence of the day. Then, totally exhausted, we felt both asleep and our host wake us carefully up and said „hey let’s go to bed!“ – he sounded like a father – that was a little bit feeling of home on my half year backpacktripp – awesome.

Some recommendations from myself:

  • Complete your own profil – personally I don’t would host my couch to someone I don’t know anything
  • When you pick a host read his references – at least you should have a good feeling
  • Connect with your host at Facebook it’s another step towards
  • Communicate – make an meeting point and be sure you find it
  • Be a respectful guest
  • Bring some small presents or souvenirs

Don’t let horrible stories about Couchsurfing terrifying you – there will always be a negative that comes along but they have – I’m pretty sure- also  something positive. Do your research, trust but don’t be careless and have the travel of your life!


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